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Coffee Capsules

Perfect energy boost

Corposo Caffitaly Capsules

Well-defined temperament

Blend of Asian and African Robusta with a strong, well-defined temperament, softened by the presence of Arabica to bring out its aromatic qualities. This coffee provides the perfect energy boost.  Recommended cup quantity: 25-30 ml

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Well-balanced espresso

Armonioso Caffitaly Capsules

Armonioso Caffitaly Capsules

The Armonioso blend produces a well-balanced espresso composed with the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees. The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independant guarantee that this product has been traded in accordance with International Fairtrade Standards. Content: 10 capsules of 8g of roasted and ground coffee.  Recommended cup quantity: 110-135 ml

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Full Rich Aroma

Cremoso Caffitaly Capsules

Full,rich aroma

Force: The full, rich aroma of pure Arabica of Central-South American origin is brought out by the soft, velvety cream that covers the coffee. An ideal blend to accompany any pleasant break.  Recommended cup quantity: 110-135 ml


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