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Coffee Capsules

Superior tea blend

Thé Caffitaly Capsules

Rich and strong flavour

Superior tea blend with a rich and strong flavour originating from Kenyan plantations.  It is advisable to serve it in large cups with thick rims.  Recommended cup quantity: 120-130 ml

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Low caffeine

Prezioso Caffitaly Capsules

Richness of aromas

Espresso made from pure Arabica with the full flavour of Central-South American coffee. It has a pleasant and balanced richness of aromas. To be enjoyed throughout the day, thanks to its low caffeine content.  Recommended cup quantity: 25-30 ml

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Velvety flavour

Intenso Caffitaly Capsules

Velvety flavour

Intenso Blend of South American Arabica with a lively contribution from indian Robusta to enrich its tone and personality. With a rounded, velvety flavour, it is ideal for drinking in the morning and after meals.  Recommended cup quantity: 25-30 ml

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An unmistakable aroma

Americano Caffitaly Capsules

Unique taste and light body

Americano Blend of several varieties of the highest quality Arabica coffee to give it an unmistakable aroma. A long-lasting pleasure to be sipped throughout the day, thanks to its unique taste and light body.  Recommended cup quantity: 115-180 ml

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Less than 0,1% content in caffeine

Delicato Decaffeinato Caffitaly Capsules

Full velvety taste

Decafeinated espresso with a full, velvety taste that does not alter the intense aroma of the coffee. To be enjoyed at any time, thanks to its less than 0,1% content in caffeine.  Recommended cup quantity: 25-30 ml

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