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Why Purchase a Coffee Machine?

Q: What kind of coffee is suitable for a Saeco coffee machine?

We recommend using a mixed Arabica – Robusta blend.

Q: What should cups for espresso look like?

Cups for espresso should have walls of optimal thickness so that coffee would stay hot for a long time. Also, espresso should be poured into a pre-warmed cup.

Why Purchase a Coffee Machine?

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Q: What do I need a coffee machine for?

Saeco coffee machines brew real Italian coffee - espresso and cappuccino - in only 25 seconds. They are ideal for home or office, cafe, bar or restaurant. This is a real gem for people who appreciate coffee of outstanding quality.

With a Saeco machine, coffee is not only of professional quality but also of very low cost. An espresso machine will give you an outstanding espresso and cappuccino every day, and with their modern design they will beautifully fit in every kitchen.


Q: Why Saeco?

The main difference between Saeco coffee machines and analogues of other brands is patented brewing unit. It allows to significantly lowering the cost of the machine while keeping professional quality of brewing. The brewing unit is capable of making lots of servings and can be easily removed from the machine for washing. Other brands have a more complicated non-removable brewing device, which complicates operating the machine and makes repairs more costly.

The main advantage of Saeco espresso machines is the CREMA - unique patented engineering design of coffee chamber. The chamber is equipped with a special valve that allows keeping working pressure in the chamber while brewing coffee. Extra "pressing" of ground coffee is not needed. As a result, valuable substances are maximally extracted from coffee, and what goes into the cup is flavorful aromatic beverage with thick and stable coffee foam.

Other advantage of Saeco espresso machines is exceptional portability together with high performance and reliability. The whole process of brewing, from dropping ground coffee into coffee chamber to ready-to-drink espresso, takes about 1 minute.

Q: What about performance of a Saeco coffee machine? How many coffee servings can it make within an hour?

The time of making coffee in a Saeco coffee machine is 25 seconds. During this time the machine manages to grind and brew coffee and to dispose the ground coffee into the dump container.

Counting the time needed for adding coffee beans and water, the performance will be:

- for a professional consumer - 150 servings per hour;

- for home and office - one serving in 25 seconds.

Q: What pressure is used in Saeco coffee machines?

In all Saeco models the pressure is 15 bars.  High pressure is needed for making real Italian espresso. It extracts substances that are useful for the body and to guard off the harmful ones. Espresso made under high pressure is strong, fragrant and with a thick stable coffee foam. This can't be achieved if the pressure in the machine is low.

Q: How reliable is the machine? I am worried about its plastic body.

Working surfaces of Saeco coffee machine are made of metal and the body and brewing unit are made of modern heat-resistant plastic. This allows not only to substantially lower the cost of the coffee machine, but also makes its work more quiet, since metal body amplifies the sound of a working coffee grinder.  Repairs of a Saeco coffee machine is much cheaper than repairs of metal analogues.

Q: What kind of water can be used for making espresso?

To make espresso in a Saeco coffee machine, you can use any kind of drinking water. But, the cleaner is the water the better is the taste of espresso. Any cold non-carbonated water will fit. Mineral water is fine but do not use sparkling water.  Lower is the level of residues of calcium in the water, less limestone will be created in the circuits of your machine.